This is what the shape of your butt has to say about your health

  1. Squared Off


The square or “H”-shaped bum comes from either high hip bones or a bit of extra fat in the love handle region. This can make your derriere look flat rather than giving it the coveted round look. Unfortunately, it could take a lot of squats to get that curve.



  1. “O” shaped butt


The round or “O”-shaped bum means there is more fat storage in the upper parts of your glutes.  Luckily, this gives the bum a perky appearance, so it’s pretty easy to get that curved shape with a few glute-strengthening moves.


  1. V shaped bottom


This shape is most commonly seen in older woman and reflects falling levels estrogen after the menopause, which causes fat storage moves to other parts of the body; in particular, in the waistline. Where your fat is stored is a good indication of your general health. Research has shown, that carrying fat around your bottom; known as the pear shape is healthier than carrying it around your waist, the apple shape.


  1. A-Shape


“Pear-shaped” women tend to have A-shaped butts that widen below the hip bones, according to Dr. Schulman. The best bottoms for you: Because A-shaped butts tend to stem from fuller thighs, the most comfortable underwear styles have high-cut legs with larger leg holes. Stick with tangas, bikinis, or boy shorts made from stretchy lace, or seamless, laser-cut edges — and avoid styles with elastic-edged leg holes, which can be binding and uncomfortable.