10 habits that keep your belly flabby

  1. MORNING WORKOUT: Start the day with a little toning that targets your core. Strong ab muscles not only create definition, but those inner core muscles also act like an inner corset, helping define your waist. For an effective ab workout when you wake up, look to the midriff-baring experts; this core workout using items in your house and will help get you ready to bare it all, no matter what the weather.


  1. EAT THIS FOR BREAKFAST: For flatter abs, remember to eat breakfast. Your first meal will help jumpstart your fat-melting metabolism, and eating a healthy breakfast will also prevent you from making bad mid-morning decisions that involve donuts. If you’re already feeling bloated, sometimes of dairy are often a common culprit; cut it out of your breakfast with this healthy, de-bloating, and dairy-free breakfast idea.


  1. AVOID THESE FOODS: Besides dairy, other types of foods commonly cause you to feel bloated—not ideal if you’re looking for flat abs. When planning your meals, stay away from foods that cause bloat, like fatty or salty foods, soda, or certain types of fruits and vegetables, and instead opt for belly-shrinking foods like cucumbers, asparagus, and oatmeal. Find more de-bloating foods here.


  1. CUT CALORIES: It’s not all about what you eat and when—it’s also about how much if you want to be able to see abs that you’ve been working on. Make healthy swaps throughout the day so you are still providing your body with enough energy and nutrition while still cutting calories.


  1. UP YOUR CARDIO: Any exercise is good exercise, but if you want to melt fat fast it’s time to get serious. High-intensity exercise burns calories the fastest, especially when it’s in the form of intervals. Mix up your normal cardio workout with high-intensity intervals in between your normal pace; here’s a guide for burning extra calories over the weekend.
  2. INCORPORATE DIURETICS INTO EVERY MEAL: It might not sound very sexy, but incorporating diuretics into breakfast, lunch, and dinner may help promote a flatter tummy. “Lemons are a natural diuretic, which is often why lemon juice is recommended to be squeezed in water during a cleanse,” explains Rebecca Lewis, RD at Hello Fresh. “Beets, parsley, and asparagus are also good food sources to help us quickly pass the extra water we might be hanging on to when our diets have been high in salt.”