She applied Vaseline on her breasts daily and after one month the results are more than amazing!

You might be surprised of all of the things Vaseline can do for you. You can use it for lip care, rough elbows and ankles, but have you ever tried it on breasts. If your answer is NO, then you definitely should read this article! The answer is here!

Although it is not proven but some claims that rubbing Vaseline daily on breast increased their cup size. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it worked for some, so there is nothing harm in trying this remedy. Just apply Vaseline on toothpaste, mix it and apply it on your nipples. Then rub gently and let it stay overnight. Next morning wash it with lukewarm water.


Besides this, Vaseline can also help you in the following cases:


  1. Makes your eyelashes grow: Apply a bit of Vaseline on your eyelashes overnight and they will quickly start growing.


  1. Softens dry and cracked elbows: To hydrate your dry and cracked elbows, rub some Vaseline on the area every day until you notice results.


  1. Makes your lips luscious: The fall and winter can easily make your lips dry and unattractive, but applying some Vaseline on them can make them more kissable and luscious again. Mix it with some Kool-Aid powder and you’ll get a great colored lip gloss.


  1. Treats dry cuticles: Apply some Vaseline on dry cuticles to hydrate them and improve their appearance.


  1. Helps the perfume last longer: Put some Vaseline on your perfume points to intensify and prolong the scent.


  1. Lipstick smudges: Smear some Vaseline all over your teeth and say goodbye to lipstick smudges.